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Travel Wise, Spend Wisely: Top Travel Hacks and Devices for the Savvy Traveler

In the worlds of wealth management and sophisticated travel, it is a challenge to keep up on the various gadgets and tricks of the trade to make it easier.  Here at SC Financial, we love travel!  We enjoy learning about other places, history and cultures as well as take time to rejuvenate and relax. Although travel is a way to quench our wanderlust, it can often add to stress and tension if things do not go exactly as planned. We have crafted a list of top travel hacks and devices that can cater to your craving for convenience, cost-effectiveness and hopefully aid in providing you with some ways to alleviate the stress any good vacation can deliver!

Travel Hack #1: Opt for mileage programs

Signing up for mileage programs and reward clubs can save you thousands of dollars. These programs usually cost nothing and can yield rewards such as free upgrades and discounted hotel stays. Check if your credit card offers any priority boarding or lounge access benefits. Additionally, consolidating travel points to one rewards program may address your earning potential.

Gadget Recommendation: Skyscanner App

Granted, there are many travel apps, if you are seeking an affordable and hassle-free booking experience, Skyscanner app is a must-try. It scans multiple airlines to find the best deals and notifies when the prices drop – saving time and money.

Travel Hack #2: Experience local living

Renting a vacation home through Airbnb or a similar platform could provide an authentic local experience. Moreover, vacation rentals often prove more economical than hotels, particularly when traveling with a family or a group of friends.

Gadget Recommendation: Airbnb App and Get Your Guide

With an easy to navigate interface, the Airbnb app is a go-to app for grand escapes while being surrounded by comfort and luxury without stamping a gigantic hole in the pocket. If you are looking for local experiences, our family has great success with Airbnb Experiences as well as Withlocals app, both provide ratings and fun locally led itineraries.

Travel Hack #3: Be app smart

Digitize your travel essentials – tickets, passport, itinerary, etc. – by scanning and storing on your phone to avoid loss or theft.

Gadget Recommendation: Google Trips

This app allows you to store all your vital travel information in one place. Even offline access is possible, making it perfect for those far-flung locations where Wi-Fi is a luxury.

Travel Hack #4: Skip the international roaming charges

International roaming charges can drain your funds if you aren’t careful. Opting for a local prepaid SIM card upon arrival can provide more flexible and cost-effective call and data plans.

Gadget Recommendation: Skyroam Solis

This pocket-sized portable Wi-Fi and power bank allows internet access in over 130 countries. An alternative to the local SIM, Skyroam Solis, can support up to 10 devices – making it ideal for family trips.

Remember, it’s not about how much you spend, but how wisely you spend, that determines your wealth. With these travel hacks and gadgets at your service, your vacations can be more about living in the moment and enjoying each of them.

At SC Financial Services, we strive to empower you — not only with personalized financial planning but also with information that could enrich your life. It’s your time to explore the world, with luxury, wisdom, and cost-efficiency.  Be sure to share your travel tips with us too! We know you have experience and “hacks” of your own.