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Life is an adventure.
Financial freedom
requires a plan.
We develop reliable, effective financial plans for clients who want to realize the most in life with the resources they have. Explore Services Get in touch FINANCIAL ADVISORS | SCOTTSDALE, AZ​
Financial Foundations
If you are just starting out or only need the basics when it comes to creating a plan and managing investments this is a great place to start. Explore Services Get in touch FINANCIAL ADVISORS | SCOTTSDALE, AZ​
Personal CFO
You have been working for some time, either for yourself or a company, raised a family and now are looking towards your own financial freedom as something that is within reach. Explore Services Get in touch FINANCIAL ADVISORS | SCOTTSDALE, AZ​
Business Transitions
& Consulting
You have built a great business and it has served you, your family and your employees well. Now it is time to pass the proverbial torch to the next generation. LEARN MORE Get in touch FINANCIAL ADVISORS | SCOTTSDALE, AZ​
Improve Your personal wealth

The Financial Tools You Need

In the quest for a rewarding life, money is a Swiss Army knife. It’s useful, essential even, to clear the path. But it’s only a tool.

At SC Financial, our mission is to get the financial questions, concerns, and administrative tasks out of the way, so clients can embark on any adventure they dream up. Start a family or a philanthropy. Summit Kilimanjaro. Or simply make more time for good coffee and a great book. Whatever your destination, we can map the way.

Financial Foundations

For those just setting out, the Financial Foundations program charts a stress-free course toward financial independence and all the fun it brings.

Personal CFO

When retirement is on the horizon, you need your own CFO. With SC Financial, you can step boldly into your post-career adventure, however you define it.

Business Transition

You’ve had a good ride owning a company, but it’s time to turn over the reins to someone else. Plan and implement an exit strategy that advances you further along your life path.

A Clear Direction at Every Crossroads

No adventure turns out exactly as planned. The twists and turns, the unexpected encounters, are what make an experience unique.

With financial planning, however, the unexpected can breed unease. Unless you’re prepared.

SC Financial delivers expert financial guidance and personalized perspectives whenever you reach a turning point — as family structures shift, careers develop, health needs change, or retirement beckons.

Are You Speeding Down The Financial Highway?

Rushing to achieve your financial goals?
With greater speed comes higher risk.

Assess your limits.


Knowing your score is helpful,
but how do your results align with your portfolio?

Let’s talk about it.