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Strategic Charitable Giving: Essential Factors for Those Who Wish to be Philanthropic


Title: "Strategic Charitable Giving: Essential Factors for those who wish to be philanthropic".

The great investor Warren Buffet once said “First, my pledge: More than 99% of my wealth will go to philanthropy during my lifetime or at death”. ​​ Many others have also found philanthropy to be incredibly rewarding. ​​ Growth​​ in charitable giving has reshaped the socio-economic landscape and at SC Financial Services, we believe this admirable inclination towards philanthropy merits an advanced discussion. We particularly want our clients to consider key factors when addressing their contributions to deserving charities.

1. Passion and Purpose: Driven by a genuine interest and desire to make a difference, many of our clients donate to causes that resonate with their values. It's essential to identify personal passions and align them with a charity maintaining transparency and effectiveness towards that cause. Our role as wealth managers is to help you find these suitable, reliable organizations.

2. Sustainability: Sustainability has become an increasingly essential factor in philanthropy. As a donor, you must consider the
​​ charity’s​​ present financial health and future economic well-being before making any commitments. Working with our seasoned wealth advisors to craft a well-rounded strategy ensures that your generous spirit doesn't compromise your​​ own​​ financial stability.

3. Planned Giving: Planned giving
​​ (often overlooked)​​ is a strategy that combines philanthropy with estate and tax planning. Charitable trusts and donor-advised funds, for instance,​​ are tools which​​ can mitigate tax burdens while funding your favorite causes. ​​​​ We advocate generosity to the deserving charities, not the IRS!

4. Impact Measurement: Understanding the impact of their donations is important to most philanthropists
. ​​ Who doesn’t want to know the impact they are creating? Not all charities are effective in utilizing funds received. Therefore, assessing charities based on their transparency, accountability, and impact can result in a more effective philanthropic strategy.

5. Engaging the Next Generation: Our clients think in terms of legacy, gradually passing the torch to the younger generation by instilling values of generosity and community service. We recommend being strategic in your giving by incorporating family into the decision-making process; this may foster continued giving across future generations.

6. Legal Requirements: Charitable giving involves legal procedures that vary among regions, and non-compliance could create unnecessary complications. Therefore,​​ 
seeking quidance​​ through the legal landscape and ensuring the legality of your donations is an essential part of optimizing your charitable giving strategy.

At SC Financial Services, we recognize the importance of aligning financial planning with personal values. Our team of specialists is committed to helping our clients get the most out of their charitable giving. Together, we ensure their wealth shapes a better world without compromising future confidence. With strategic planning, we believe our clients can effectively​​ 
pioneer philanthropy to new heights. If you would like to​​ discuss​​ strategic charitable giving​​ we would love to assist you. ​​ Please reach out by email at​​ info@scfinancialservices.com​​ or​​ by​​ calling us at (480) 214-9596. ​​ We enjoy working with individuals who see the benefits of helping others.​​ 

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