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Did You Notice Your Accounts Have Been Rebalanced?

After many years of growth and strong returns, the markets are now testing us. We know that market cycles are natural and expected and volatility is just part of the game. That doesn’t mean we just cross our fingers and ride out the storm. Instead, we take proactive steps to protect your wealth and position you for a successful future. Right now, that means we are investing more cautiously, seeking quality and steady growth, and not taking extra risks when rewards are questionable.

The Importance of Rebalancing
With the constant ups and downs of the markets, it’s likely your asset allocation has gotten a little off. Rising and falling prices are shifting your portfolio off balance, with some investments growing or decreasing faster than others.

Though it may seem counterintuitive to sell off your winners, rebalancing is a wise and proven investment strategy. You need to rebalance your portfolio by selling some of your overachievers to purchase underperformers. This will keep your portfolio from having more risk than you are comfortable with. Readjustments may be necessary.

You may have noticed that your investment accounts have been rebalanced recently, and this is why. We have made some adjustments to your portfolios to reflect our conviction that we should be invested in areas that are more resilient in turbulent times while still allowing for growth. Growth is, as always, a priority, but so is protecting your wealth. So, as volatility continues to increase, we are positioning you in areas of the market that are more insulated from the turmoil.

Want a Closer Look at Your Portfolio?
We at SC Financial Services hope that you are confident that your portfolio is being managed by a team of professionals who are looking out for your best interests. If you know someone who is not so lucky, please let us know. We’re never too busy to help someone you care about. Also, if you have any questions about your portfolio and the progress you are making toward your goals, we would love to chat with you and review your plan. Contact me today at 480-214-9596 or info@scfinancialservices.com.