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Cryptocurrencies: To buy or not to buy?

The discussion around cryptocurrencies occupies much of the air-space in investment news and the dialog offers vastly different perspectives regarding investment potential and strategy. At this point, cryptocurrencies can no longer be dismissed as a passing fad. Bitcoin’s market value is over $1 trillion, surging 1000% in the past year alone. Brokerages such as Morgan […]

We Need to Talk About Financial Scams

Phishing emails. Fake charities. Deceptive robocalls. Sweepstakes fraud. Identity theft. The number of financial scams seems to grow every day. Even if most of us are aware that no Nigerian princes want to give us money, if only we’d provide our bank account details, a diversifying threat landscape is making it increasingly difficult to protect […]

Tax Preparation vs. Tax Planning

Two different tax specialties, two different goals—both should be part of your financial management program It’s that time of year again, when our minds and the media turn to one key topic—taxes. Whether you’re an ahead-of-the-game filer or a procrastinate-until-the-last minute person, you probably want to minimize your tax bill. Laying that task on your […]

SC Financial Services Has Joined Forces with Avior!